Rural Energy Marketing, LLC

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 Rural Energy Marketing, LLC is a company designed to educate potential investors and secure feedstock contracts for fuel production facilities using biomass feedstocks. This will additionally provide farmers with a new market for their corn stover. Rural Energy Marketing wants to help solve the challenges of current ethanol production and agriculture:

  1. Larger ethanol plants
  2. Less opportunities for the farmer investor
  3. Corn Supply
  4. Natural gas price
  5. Water supply issues
  6. Discharge water quality
  7. Limit to number of plants
  8. Rising input costs
  9. Decreased profits per acre
  10. Less opportunities for young farmers
  11. Low commodity prices
  12. Price depends on exports
  13. Less value added opportunities
  14. Smaller farms have a harder time competing
  15. Dying rural economy

Ways to help solve these problems include:

  1. Shifting ethanol feedstock toward corn stover and away from corn
  2. Helping plants move away from dependence on natural gas
  3. Lowering water needs and reducing discharge water by cleaning and reusing water
  4. Increasing profit per acre
  5. Providing opportunities for profits from custom work
  6. Stimulating rural economy
  7. Providing investment opportunities where farmers get first chance


Image courtesy of Worthington Daily Globe